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It is every girl's dream to have a lavish wedding, complete with the most glamorous wedding dress possible, and the best part is that it is the bride's day! Everything is centered on her, and all the decorations, all the hoopla, all the attention is on the bride, thus why should a shemale have different aspirations? The trannys in this site are simply gorgeous, as would be expected given that this is their wedding day! The grooms appear to be a little apprehensive but aren't most grooms? What's interesting about these is that the roles are going to be reversed once the wedding takes place! No wonder that the groom was nervous! The trannys turn into "Bridezilla" in ways that one would certainly not expect! They are demanding, and force their hapless grooms to give them blowjobs, often while still dressed in their bridal clothes, and sometimes right there during the reception! Well, you know how it is when you have needs—the kind that simply cannot be denied—needs that turn you into a raging hormone?

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